Anna Krtičková and Bara Kratochvílová undertook their first pilgrimage together in September 2012. They could not get any guide – lines ot travel books but in Italian, which neither of them can understand. As a result of this ignorance, they connected two pilgrimiges into one: Via Francigena (Canterbury – Rome) and Camino di San Francesco (La Verna – Rome). From the first one they picked up a piece of journey through beautiful Toscanian countryside (San Mignato – Siena), from the second one they chose the Northern half, but in the opposite direction than most pilgrims walk (Perugia – Assisi – La Verna).

They started without maps or guides, believing they coud get them on the spot. However, it was not possible: tourism is not so popular in Italy as in Czech lands, and it was not easy at all to get good maps. Thus their pilgrimage was adventurous, and losing their way became part of their daily routine. They hardly ever knew where they would stay overnight.

Every day Bara used to find interesting details during the journey. Sometimes her discovery was directly connected with the events of the day. For example one morning in fine weather she found an SOS leaflet; however, during the day clouds came, it started to rain, there was thick fog, so that Bara and Anna found out they were wandering about in lonely mountains without a map and without food. Finally, everything had a happy ending and they spent the night in warm and dry place, even in bed.

Besides little treasures, Bara collected also sounds. Thus they gathered a number of interesting recordings and then they decided to use some of them in the performance about St.Francis.

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2010: Bára and Anička would like to set off a pilgrimage.

spring 2011: Robert Smolík had a dream that Anička is making a movie about Saint Francis.

winter 2011: Bára and Anička promised to each other that they will go together in september 2012 – possibly to Venice, in František Skála´s footsteps.

june 2012: Anička is calling to Bára from Estonia, that she has found the oldest european pilgrim´s journey called Via Francigena. It could be possible to take a part of the journey and then continue on the Saint Francis path.

july 2012: Anička gets in Estonia a letter from Jakub František Růžička. He is sending a lot of plans and notes from a pilgrim tour of Franciscan brothers. They have been to Assisi, its surroundings and to Rome.

30. 8. 2012: Bára and Anička are getting blessing for the pilgrimage in the Franciscan monastery in Brno.

31. 8. 2012: Train Brno – Plzeň

1. 9. 2012: Carpool Plzeň – Modena

2. 9. 2012: Hitch-hiking Modena – San Mignato

3. 9. – 7. 9. 2012: Pilgrimage Via Francigena (San Mignato – Siena) by walking. Tracks in Tuscany are well marked and there is a bed for the pilgrims in the end of every leg.

8. 9. 2012: Hitch-hiking  Siena – Perugia

9. 9. – 19. 9. 2012: Pilgrimage Via Francigena di San Francesco (Perugia–Assisi–Laverna) by walking. Tracks in Umbria and in Tuscany are badly marked and in the end of every leg pilgrims have to find some free place to sleep in nature.

20. 9. 2012: Hitch-hiking Laverna–Rimini

21. 9. 2012: Train Rimini–Venice

21. – 23. 9. 2012: Architecture Biennale in Venice

evening 23. 9. 2012: Bus Venice-Prague

7. 1. – 9. 1. 2013: Bára and Anička are putting together all the materials from the pilgrimage in Lubná – in the house, that Bára bought just 2 days before they left to Italy.

We recommend this pilgrimage!