Room theatre “Pilgrimage” follows two parallel story lines.  Notes from our diaries and audiovisual materials from the pilgrim journey penetrate the life of Saint Francis from Assisi. We are performing in Czech or English language for audience of all ages.

Concept, direction and the visual form: Anna Krtičková, Veronika Svobodová

Performers: Anna Krtičková, Veronika Svobodová

Duration: 45 mins.

Special thanks to: Bára Kratochvílová, Karolína Mbay and Robert Smolík

Premiere: 11. 6. 2014 in the apartment in Karlínské náměstí 11, Prague 8

Anička a Veronika připravují představení

Performance „Pouť“ (Pilgrimage)

The performance “Pouť” (Pilgrimage) was frst produced in June 2014 as a diploma work of Anna Krtičková at DAMU, Department of Stage Design of Alternative and Puppet Theatre in Prague. The performance is a kind of housing performance, which was realized by Anna Krtičková and Veronika Svobodobá. Both authors are graduates of the major mentioned above. The things they have in common are the similar approach to work and creativity, they are not afraid of trying new things and fnding new ways – artistic as well as on foot.

Another person who participated in creating this performance was Bára Kratochvílová, a member of the music band called DVA, who provided the authors with her diary notes, sound recordings and photographs from the pilgrimage she made together with Anna Krtičková through the region of Umbria. Another person who helped was a stage designer Karolína Mbay and all the friends who helped with embroidering or donated some artefacts, which play an important part in the performance. The performance “Pouť” (Pilgrimage) originated as a low-cost performance, with the use of collecting and recycling. According to the legend, St. Francis asked St. Clara to create with the help of her sisters, a gown made of pieces of cloth, donated by common people of the town Assisi. The creative process of our work was inspired by this story.

The specifc form of the performance is on the edge of animated flm and theatre. The authors use the technique used in the classic puppet theater, some scenes are introduced to the viewer by using animated sequences and some parts are composed of the flm close-ups recorded by video camera. The history of this performance is very miscellaneous. The performance took place in the apartments, private gardens, tearooms, in the chapel etc. Thanks to its criteria the number of viewers is limited (it means max. 15 people). The performance lasts 45 mins. and is usually followed by spontaneous conversation, during which the audience together with the authors share their experience with pilgrimage, their opinions and also have opportunity and time to take a detailed look at the puppets, diaries, and embroidery.


Anička a Veronika během představení

Technical rider

We are performing in the private spaces (the ideal case is a flat) where we can use a big table, speakers and electricity. Darkness is needed.


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